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This is a Support Guide on how to log into our customer portal. This Support Guide tells you how to stay on the customer portal and give you an overview on how to use it.

First and foremost, when you have been in contact with us, you should have received a link in your email, where you have answered some fields, or where we have answered them for you over the phone. What you need to be aware of now is that you need to log into our customer portal with the E-mail as Username that you have given to us. Next, use your phone number you provided when you last had to fill the contact form and use it as your password. Below you can see what things you need to be aware of to log into our customer portal.

1. You must use your email as username: Missing Image 2. Afterwards you must use your telephone number you have provided before and use it as a Login Password: Missing Image 3. You also have the option to reset your password, as you can see below: Missing Image 4. You also have the option to reset your password, where you must fill the field with your E-mail address and press “Reset Password”. As follows it will look like this when you see down below: Missing Image 5. After entering your E-mail in the field, you will receive an E-mail with password reset instructions if the specified e-mail address is in the system: Missing Image 6. After you have logged in, you can see your information such as E-mail, telephone number and address, which looks like this down below: Missing Image 7. After you have an overview of your Name, E-mail, Telephone number and Address, you can look at the Client’s personal information, which looks like this down below: Missing Image 8. You can also see the Contact and Applicant’s information, which you can see has been filled out: Missing Image 9. At the top you can choose which languages you want to use on the system, which looks like this down below: Missing Image 10. Next you can see 2 option which is called “Payments” and “Cases”. If you press on Payments, you will you offer and payment history you have selected and accepted:
Missing Image
11. Once you have pressed on Payments, there are the following options you need to be aware of. You can press both Pay and Select. Pay refers you to the payment, whereas select shows you the overall overview for the specific case you have chosen. To the left in Payments, you can see “Accept Offer” which is marked in yellow. “Accept Offer” is the offer we have sent to you, where you must confirm by clicking “Accept Offer”. At the very bottom you can also see the payment history, where you also can download a receipt for your payment. Missing Image
12. Now to return to “My Page” Press on My Page like down below: Missing Image
13. Now there is an option you press called “Cases”, which shows the cases you have running:
Missing Image
14. After pressing “Cases”, you can see the cases that are active and those that are on hold. The pause icon means that your case is on hold, whereas the round circle icon means that your case is active and in progress. If you then press on “View” you can see the individual case, you have running in our system. Missing Image 15. Once you have pressed “View”, you will enter the specific case, which consists of “Case Details, Messages, Checklist and Files”. Missing Image 16. When you see” Messages” you have an option to press the + icon, where you can send an internal message to your caseworker. Missing Image 17. After you have pressed the + icon, to create a message, and overview of case type, Client’s name and case managers name will appear. Then you can down below write a subject for the message, and afterwards write the message and press on “Send Message. At the top right you have an option to press “Case Details”. “Case Details” will show you the details of the case, whereas “Client Details” will show the Client’s information. Missing Image 18. Below the messages there is Checklist. The Checklist can consist of several different things, but it all comes down to which package or Casetype you have chosen. There is a pin icon where you upload all the documents one by one, so you can also see for yourself that you have uploaded. So by pressing on View, you will see what you have uploaded. Afterwards you press on mark complete if you mean, that you have uploaded the proper and correct document. Missing Image 19. At the very top you can more options. The options are thus, “Link to Client details”, Link to checklist, Link to files and Link to messages”. If you click on “Link to Client details” you will gain access to the Clients information. “Link to Checklist” is a faster solution to get down to the checklist, so you do not have to scroll the mouse down. The same method applies to “Link to Messages”, which Is a faster way to get where you want.
Missing Image
20. At the very end to log out, you can tap on your profile/name, where an option will appear to log out, as the picture down below describes. Missing Image
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