The easy route to a home in Malmo and other Swedish cities

If you are moving to Sweden, you will need a home. But purchasing or renting a place requires a lot of research and can be very uncertain. We offer an easy and painless solution to help you find a place to live without all the worry.

Go2Sweden collaborates with various Swedish companies in Gothenborg, Malmo, Landskrona, Lund, Helsingborg and surrounding areas.

So we always have a range of occupancy-ready apartments for you to rent. You can choose which of our apartments suits you best in relation to price, size, location etc.

When you move in, our Danish and English speaking host will assist you with the most important matters when moving to Sweden. For instance, obtaining a Swedish personal identity number, selecting a doctor and finding childcare or a school for your child.

Would you like us to help you find a home in Sweden?
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Other services that might interest you: personal identity number, visa, work, family reunification