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Housing Assistance

  • Are you looking for a rental property in Sweden?
  • Go2Sweden guarantees you the best start in Sweden

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Family Reunification

  • More than 2,500 families have used us with success
  • 11 years’ experience with family immigration …

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  • Would you like to invite someone from abroad to visit?
  • Is the visa about to expire?

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Advisory Services

  • 11 years’ experience
  • Advisory services within, among others, family immigration and housing in Sweden.

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Welcome to Go2Sweden

Moving to Sweden is a big decision and it can be quite bewildering to make heads or tails about what you should do. Where should you start and where should you turn to? Do you need an apartment in Sweden before you move and in that case should it be rented or bought?

Is there help to receive if I, for example, become unemployed in Sweden? Or should I return to Denmark and start from scratch until I find a job again? How long are the different waiting times? Am I entitled to any form of benefits?

In connection with family reunification even more questions arise. Can I get my spouse to Sweden? Does it require me to have a job? Can my spouse be in Sweden while the case is being processed or should my spouse wait in the home country?

At Go2Sweden we have made moving to Sweden and applying for family reunification very simple.

Urgent Inquiries

Should you have the need to speak with us outside of normal opening hours, then in urgent cases you can contact us via SMS or e-mail as stated below.

Briefly describe what the inquiry is about and remember to leave your name and the telephone number you can be contacted on so that we can get back to you.

+45 30 27 39 27



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